Originally from Germany with a background in Architecture and a passion for art – especially everything drawn, painted and conceptual – I now live and work in Scotland as a professional Artist. My digital work is often transformed and implemented in 3D sculptures and designs with the help of laser cutting and printing techniques. I define my art as Conceptual Serialism (or: think-repeat-repeat-repeat-think-repeat-repeat-repeat etc) and myself as professional thinker of concepts, visualisation methods and implementation.

When I became a Mum, I adapted my art and focused on large format digital artwork instead of large sculptures. For the future I will work on my digital artwork and my passion – conceptual art.

For more info please contact me: info@simonewhiteford.com

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The Bessie Scott Award – 128th Annual Exhibition Paisley Art Institute

The Art Hire Framing Award – 129th Annual Exhibition Paisley Art Institute