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Originally from Germany with a background in Architecture and a passion for art – especially everything drawn, painted and conceptual – I’m a professional artist and live in Scotland.

My sculptures are often created by transforming my digital work with the help of laser cutting and water jet techniques.

I define some of my work as Conceptual Serialism (think-repeat-repeat-repeat-think-repeat-repeat-repeat…) and myself as professional thinker of concepts, visualisation methods and implementation.

It’s quite challenging (as for every Mum and Dad) to balance work time and time with the kids, however luckily I can work from home and art is not my work it’s my life. Concepts and ideas appearing constantly and I can not keep up writing them down in my overfilled sketch books, therefore I reckon I must be on the brink of a breakthrough – more on that on Twitter @SimoneWhiteford

There are many plans I made for my art future and some of the main focus will be on conceptual art (sculptures), painting/drawing and biophilic design.


The Flora Wood Award for most original artwork – Glasgow Society of Women Artists (GSWA) 2021, Maclaurin Galleries

The Art Hire Framing Award – 129th Annual Exhibition Paisley Art Institute

The Bessie Scott Award – 128th Annual Exhibition Paisley Art Institute