Colourvision of numbers & letters – Synesthesia

by Simone Whiteford 17 Aug 2020

Are you a ColourVisioner – Synesthete?

(Thanks to a fellow artist, I now know that the phenomenon is called Synesthesia and quite harmless, however very interesting. Simone 10/09/20)

Do your numbers and letters have specific colours when you think of them? Since I can remember I can see a colour for each number & letter and funny enough the colours never changed. Some numbers can have the same colour and most colours correspond to different feelings. I like some colours and some not at all. So the corresponding number or letter is liked or disliked proportional.  

So I wonder if it is learned from experiences while growing up or if it’s from birth. My colour like or dislike can on a very, very rare occasion change and therefore also the feeling towards the associated number or letter. Even experiences or situations can trigger a colour association and if it is a dark blue moment, it’s not such a positive one.

In order to see what my numbers/letters and anybody else’s numbers/letters look like in a row or scattered on canvas I created the digital artwork Colourvision. So let’s see what your numbers and letters look like…

For more info, just contact me.

Let me know via social media if you are a ColourVisioner, I am curious of how common this is! #Colourvision